Greek School 2017-18


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Homework is posted below for all classes. Please check regularly.

Videos will no longer be posted for individual download on a weekly basis. Instead, there is a YouTube channel that will be added to regularly. Many videos directly pertain to lessons in the books we use, while others provide general reinforcement.

NINETEEN WEEKS of Greek School are already complete!

PreK/K - .Enjoy this story! and this song.

Watch: Colors and Letters

On the Table (previously-assigned)
I Describe  (previously-assigned)
Numbers 1-100 (previously-assigned)
What Are You Doing? (previously-assigned)
The Weather: Part I (previously-assigned - if there is time)
Basic Vocabulary Builder (previously-assigned - if there is time)
Basic Words 1 (previously-assigned - if there is time)
Basic Words 2 (previously-assigned - if there is time)
Letter /α/ (previously-assigned)
Story Time (previously-assigned)

Level 1 - Complete up to and including the end of Unit 20 in the workbook AND re-read units 1-20. Keep those books open every day. The reviews are getting longer and longer, but we have to stay sharp; the end of the book is within sight!


ν + τ = /d/
μ + π = /b/ 
I Describe (re-assigned)

Review The Letters Ζζ - Κκ (re-assigned)
Watch Unit 12, Letter /ζ/  (re-assigned)
Watch Unit 12, Letter /ξ/ (re-assigned)
Watch Unit 11, Letter /δ/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 11, Letter /β/ (previously-assigned)
What Are You Doing? (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 10, Letter /π/ 
Watch Unit 10, Letter /χ/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 9, Letter /γ/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 9, Letter /η/ (previously-assigned)
Review: The Letters Αα - Εε (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 7, Letter /φ/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 7, Letter /λ/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 9, Letter /η/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 5, Letter /υ/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 4, Letter /ο/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 5, Letter /κ/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 5, Letter /ψ/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 3, Letter /τ/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 3, Letter /ι/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 2, Letter /ν/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 2, Letter /ε/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 4, Letter /ρ/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 1, Letter /α/ (previously-assigned)

Level 2 - Finish Unit 9

Also, watch the following:

The Letter /υ/ 
The Letter /δ/ 
In the Church

We also had fun with this song.

The Letter /β/ (re-watch)
The Letter /ζ/  (re-watch)
The Letter /γ/ 
The Letter /ρ/  (previously-assigned)
Basic Vocabulary Builder  (previously-assigned)
Basic Words 1  (previously-assigned)
Basic Words 2 (previously-assigned)
The Letter /τ/ (previously-assigned)
The Letter /π/ (previously-assigned)
The Letter /λ/ (previously-assigned)
Story Time (Just for fun)
The Letter /ν/ (previously-assigned)
Review: The Letters Αα - Εε (previously-assigned)
The Letter /ε/ (previously-assigned)
Τhe Letter /κ/ (previously-assigned) 
Τhe Letter /η/ (previously-assigned)

Level - 3 No new homework as people need to catch up. Finish up to and including p. 304. We learned body parts and the verb /πονάει/ = "hurts."

Prepositions: On the Table/Wall (previously-assigned)
Prepositions: In/At (previously-assigned)
Prepositions & Shapes (re-watch)
What Are You Doing? (previously-assigned)
A Simple Day (previously-assigned)
Verb Conjugations (previously-assigned)
Diphthong ε + υ (previously-assigned)
Days of the Week (previously-assigned)

Level 4

OLD HOMEWORK: Complete everything up to and including p. 121. We talked about birthdays. The kids must know the months and should practice reading aloud Unit 17, up to and including pg. 122. Also, We practiced talking about how old we are and will be. WRITING HOMEWORK: Write the ages of family members and how old they will be. For example:

Ὁ πατέρας μου εἶναι 40/σαράντα χρονών.
Ἡ μητέρα μου εἶναι...
Ὁ ἀδελφός μου εἶναι...
Ἡ ἀδελφή μου εἶναι...
(Ἐγώ) εἶμαι...
Ὁ πατέρας μου θα εἶναι῎...

If kids can take a guess on how to write the numbers, they should try it. If anyone has trouble reading it, then please read it to/with them, which they look at the words.

Also, this is old, but I am leaving it here:

It is important to remind the kids that there is a difference, even in English, between the future progressive tense (I will be + /ing/ = /θα/ + present tense form). This is critical because we will soon be doing the simple future tense. Here is an example:

παίζω = I am playing / I play

θα παίζω = I will be playing (We are doing this now)

θα παίξω = I will play. (This is coming up, but must not be confused with the above!)

Also, be sure to re-watch the Time and Directions videos!

NEW HOMEWORK: Complete up to and including p. 127. ***ALSO*** On a separate sheet, students must write a sentence saying in what month each family member's birthday is. There is an example on page 126 and more below:

Τα γενέθλιά μου είναι τον ________________
Τα γενέθλια της μητέρας μου είναι τον______
Τα γενέθλια του πατέρα μου είναι τον  ______
Τα γενέθλια του αδελφού μου είναι τον______
Τα γενέθλια της αδελφής μου είναι τον______

The kids should know that the /ς/ of the month is dropped when used in the sentences above.
Ensure accent marks are used and writing is done on paper, not on the margins in the textbook.

NEWER HOMEWORK: There was a bit of incomplete homework, so please get caught up. Also, please be sure kids are reading and reviewing. Today, we reviewed weather and added a new song about our favorite seasons. Students should now be able to count to 100. We learned the seasons. Students should become comfortable with this model:

Μου αρέσει ___(season)___ επειδή ____________

    e.g., Μου αρέσει ο χειμώνας επειδή μου αρέσει το χιόνι.


We worked on dates and months in the posessive form, e.g. Μάρτιος ---> Μαρτίου. Students should write the birthdays of all family members like this:

Τα γενεθλιά μου εἶναι στις 15 Δεκεμβρίου.Τα γενέθλια της μητέρας μου εῑναι στις 18 Σεπτεμβρίου... and so on.

In the book, do p. 133 only. Please do not forget the accent marks!

Big Numbers (previously-assigned)
Numbers 1-100 
What Time Is It? (re-watch)
Prepositions & Shapes (re-watch)
Prepositions: On the Table/Wall
Prepositions: In/At

Level 6/7 - Finish up to and including p. 63.

And, PLEASE watch this video again:


    It's a little technical, but should be watched more than once. We are going to be on this for a while. Also, re-watch:

Just for Fun: I'm Playing
Noun Cases (previously-assigned)
The Cases in Greek
I Want To...
"I Will Do" (previously-assigned)
A Simple Future Table (read everything aloud, as no narration is provided for this video)
Big Numbers (previously-assigned)
Numbers 1-100 (IF you can effortlessly get to 100, you may not need this) (previously-assigned)
A mini-lesson on Masculine articles (previously-assigned)
A mini-lesson on Feminine articles (previously-assigned)
Neuter Plurals (previously-assigned)
Just for Fun: Shapes (previously-assigned)

Level 8 - Assigned in class.

Level 9 - Finish up to and including p. 155. Some have moved passed this as attendance has been erratic.


I Want To...
I Describe (re-assigned)