Greek School 2016-2017



Lisa Mitoulis- Parish Administrator  - 609-653-8092 ext. 5
George Plamantouras- Teacher/Director  -


Week 30



Attendance was very light after Pascha.

30 weeks of Greeks School have been completed!

Enjoy the above video on the letter Γγ.

PreK/K- Review

Level 1-  Finish up to and including Unit 22. Students should be reading through the first 22 units throughout the week. Repetition is the key to success!

Level 2-  Finish up to and including p. 203

 3 -  Finish up to and including p. 16

Level 5 - Finish up to and including p. 142

Level 6 - Finish up to and including the top of p.124

Level 7 - Finish to up and including p. 27

Science Greek - Did not meet this week

Level 8 - Finish up to the end of p. 71.