The Youngest Greek School Class Outside of Greece?


There has been a great deal of curiosity, interest and enthusiasm regarding this particular class. Please read the questions below to see if any of yours are answered.

What is the age requirement?

Though originally for ages 4 and 5, the rules were modified. If there is a student who will turn 4 during the school year,  he/she may participate, but they may not advance to level 1 the next year.  Some people have three-year-olds who qualify, but choose to wait a year.  This is done to avoid repeating the year (though that would be beneficial as well).  Some kids have ended the year at age 7.

How long is the class?

Students MUST be accompanied by an adult, preferably a parent or grandparent, who is responsible for behavior, trips to the bathroom and participating with the student. Note: There are no class breaks or recess.

Can I wait in a separate room during class?

Generally, no. For returning parents, I can see the reasons for wanting to do so, but new  students they are likely not ready to be spoken to in Greek in a classroom without a parent. The parent will often be asked to participate with their child.  Being away from the classroom means that someone else has to help.

Can we bring snacks and beverages into the classroom?

No. There have been incidents with spills before. Besides, it is a short class (it goes very quickly).

Are there any books?


I am having issues with childcare, and can only attend by bringing my other children. Is this alright?

Our classroom is small, and we really have to squeeze in there. Little ones sometimes are a distraction to easily-distracted older siblings. However, I encourage parents to make every effort to get their kids to school.  If childcare is the determining factor, and the younger siblings are able to sit quietly, I have no problem with it, thoughit should not be recurring (and, again, if it cannot be avoided).  Please let me know if you need to bring a child not registered to be in the class.

What comes after this class?

For the students of appropriate age, they will go on to level 1, which has longer sessions and basic reading and writing. The child must be in the class without a parent. Remember, the actual Greek School practice is to begin at age 7.